3 Benefits of Designing a Mobile Application for Business


In today’s era, staying ahead in Business means keeping yourself updated with the fast changing social realm. You have to understand your target customer and their behaviour. A few decades back businesses recognized the importance of social media for their product and services. Social media marketing became one of the major medium for advertising. However, the world has again moved on; now mobile phones take up a large part of our attention, and it has become an inseparable part of our life.

A recent statistics shows that there are over 1 Billion smartphone users in the world, and the numbers are increasing every moment. You can understand the popularity of smartphone by knowing that more people in the world own a mobile phone than a toothbrush. Now the social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become a great source of interacting with your customer and creating a brand value. However, the mobile application has emerged as a large medium to reach more audience, maintain an interactive relationship with your existing clientele and connecting with the consumer in a unique way.

Does My Business Need a Mobile Application?

Whether you are a restaurant, apparel shop, or small grocery outlet, regardless of the size of your business, the mobile app can be a great investment for you. If you feel that your firm can benefit from an online presence, then it can indeed achieve more with a custom mobile application. Here are some crucial points to keep in mind while creating an application:

1) Applicability: The most important factor in the success of any mobile application is its applicability. You can’t create a business app with the sole purpose of promoting your business; you’ll have to design the app in a way that makes the user’s life easier.

2) Relevance: Your business app should be relevant to your business. Otherwise, you will end up with an audience that differs drastically from your target audience and hence you won’t be able to generate much business from the same.

3) User-Friendly: Apps should be very user-friendly so that a large spectrum of the audience can use it with or without much expertise in technology. The business apps are generally for laymen and hence it’s good to keep it simple.

Now that you know how and why your business needs a custom application let’s look at some main advantages of the same:

Anywhere, Anytime

We are attached to our mobile devices all the time. We are never without our phones, and we love using them everywhere from waiting for the bus to when we go the bed. We love to share whenever we have a chance, and mobile devices allow us to be social from anywhere and anytime.

Mobile apps take your business inside your consumer’s pocket and stay with them all the time. You can add the social share button in your app so that it becomes easier for the user to share the information with their friends. Every time a user shares something using your application, the reach of your business also increases.

Swift & Simple

One click, it can be a click of your son’s first steps, an excellent music video, something you are tasting for the first time or some gadget you have just bought. With a tap now you can share these moments of your life with everybody. With a cellphone app, it’s incredibly easy to connect with everybody. Mix this with your business and you have got a great platform to connect easily with your audience.

The easier it is for people to share the more sharing will happen. Mobile apps offer an easy and fast way for consumers to share with their friends. Just as Facebook and Twitter are great ways to reach out to people, getting people to post actively to social sites about your business via your mobile app can drive consumer engagement to another level. Mobile apps make it astonishingly easy to enhance social interactions between the consumer and business.

Mobile Apps Can Be a Social Platform

Integrating social features into your app like comments, likes, or even in-app messaging that connect people to other people using the app will turn your app into a social platform. By having social features inside an app, people will spend more time in the app. Apps using the Facebook login to facilitate social interactions have already shown an increase in engagement, retention, and monetization. Harnessing social features in-app to connect consumers to their peers is part of the future of social. Imagine wanting to buy a new pair of pants, but not being sure of the size and fit. There are reviews, but none of them provide the information you need. With in-app social capabilities, you can contact one of the reviewers through the app to gain more information and perspective from them. Businesses that facilitate in-app social interactions between consumers will be pioneering the combination of mobile and social and consumers will choose those brands over others.

Taking advantage of social interactions used to be difficult and confusing for businesses. With the rise of mobile apps, businesses are now able to take more control of social media through their apps. Mobile devices are the perfect medium for social media. By utilizing social media with a mobile app for your company, you will be interacting with your customers in a whole new way. Social is key to the future of customer relationships and the future of social is all about being mobile.

If you wish to know more about this, you can reach us anytime. Cyquent is one of the leading mobile app designers in Dubai. We have crafted apps for several organizations which have resulted in a growth in the business and has also simplified the customer acquisition and retention process.


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