Is Your Business Information Safe?

Information is the most important component of any business and it is equally important that the flow of information is under control. That means, right amount of information reaches the right amount of people and it doesn’t reach those who don’t have the authority to know it. In other words it’s important that the information is distributed as per the rights of the individuals in an organisation and that brings us to the Rights Management Services or RMS. The Rights Management Service is a server system of Microsoft that allows an organization to create policies that decide the extent of access to information. If you are looking for some way to secure the information related to your business, this blog will help you figure it out.
How Rights Management System Works.

Remember that scene from the second Mission Impossible movie where the sunglasses carrying the message self-destructs? Wonder what if something similar was there for your business? No information would have fallen in wrong hands. RMS works in a very similar fashion. With RMS, there is a persistent protection given to your information which travels with the data and cannot be removed arbitrarily. For example, the mails you send through the RMS can be specifically designed in a way that it can be opened only by the addressed person and it cannot be forwarded, copy/pasted or printed. The documents can also be created with an expiry date so that it self-destructs after a desired time and cannot be reopened.

Although the parameters are set and controlled from a central server, but the guidelines travel with the data and also work when the server’s not accessible and even when the file is out of network connectivity.

Why is RMS Better than Data Encryption?

Many individuals or smaller organizations typically depend on some kind of encryption for protecting data. However, Microsoft Rights Management Services have a many advantages over using standalone encryption. For example, if you create a private key pair encryption system and send it to someone, you only have the control till the other person opens the file after that, the other person gets unlimited rights over it. Contrarily, with RMS you have control over the data even after the file reaches the addressed person. RMS also protects the data by hooking on to the client’s operating system and stops all possible ways of data theft. For instance, the RMS Aware application doesn’t allow screenshots to be taken of the RMS Protected Information.


RMS is a very efficient way to protect your data from one end to another. If you wish to know more about Azure RMS or want setup Microsoft Rights Management services for business, feel free to reach us .Cyquent is a trusted Microsoft Partner in Dubai and a leading distributor of Microsoft licenses in UAE.


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