Microsoft Buys LinkedIn: Whats in this Deal for Users!

After more than a decade of linking professionals, LinkedIn has this time scored a connection that will soon be one of the biggest tech deals of recent times. The technology giant Microsoft is buying LinkedIn for a whopping 26.2 bn dollars. The announcement made on 13th June has varied response from different sections. This news had an instant impact on the share market, sending the share value of LinkedIn almost 50% higher. As both the companies are busy in dialogues, there are major speculations happening in the tech circle about what changes are in store the 433 million LinkedIn users.

As this takeover will bring the world’s largest computing company and the largest network under the same umbrella, there are certainly going to be many perks for Microsoft Users. Microsoft has always been in the lookout to elevate the users experience through mergers and acquisitions. In recent past, Microsoft had acquired skype and Nokia which had a great impact on the Microsoft services. Such acquisitions don’t only add newer and varied technologies to the Microsoft’s software bundle, it also brings in new brains that help Microsoft to stay ahead in the game.

The CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella announced that Jeff Weiner will continue to be the CEO of LinkedIn and report to him. Nadella shared his admiration for LinkedIn and said that he was optimistic about the end result of this collaboration. Although, there is not much disclosed about the future aspirations of Microsoft from LinkedIn, the technology freaks of Cyquent have thought of some probable changes to anticipate in near future.

Major Speculation aboutMicrosoft-LinkedIn Merger

1) Linking LinkedIn Profiles with Microsoft Office

With LinkedIn on board, teamwork will be much easier. As more and more business are using Microsoft SharePoint, this new merger might prove to be a significant leap towards better team working. Have your profiles LinkedIn Profiles linked with your outlook can make it easier for you to reach the relevant people and also respond to others effectively.

2) Cortana Meets LinkedIn

The whole world is turning to voice from text and LinkedIn can benefit a lot by incorporating the features of Cortana. Imagine getting briefed about a prospective client before a meeting where you get to know all about their interests and plan your steps accordingly. All though it sounds very next generation, we have already started striding towards it and before we know we might end up dependent on the virtual assistant for our day to day life.

3) News on the Go

Ever since LinkedIn had acquired the news reader ‘Pulse’, it has been trying to enhance the user experience by providing them an intelligent news feed which will keep them updated with work related news. So far, LinkedIn hasn’t quite been able to get a grip on this feature and have many times burdened users with irrelevant data and advertisements. Now that the think-tank of both these giants will brainstorm over this, there is no doubt that the results are going to be amazing.

Microsoft’s is becoming the biggest business software with more than 70% Fortune 500 companies operating on SharePoint. Acquiring the biggest professional network company is a great idea on the part of team Microsoft. Both of these companies are dedicated towards their user experience and with a merger, it won’t be wrong to expect some major changes and breakthroughs.


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