5 Benefits of SharePoint for Business

Optimizing one’s thoughts and resources is the key to success in any endeavor. However, it’s easier said than done. As the business grows, it gets increasingly complicated to manage one’s resources, and a lot of efforts are invested towards assessing and increasing the productivity of your workforce. Microsoft SharePoint has proved to be instrumental in not only securing your business data but also optimizing your human resource, cost control, and risk management.

SharePoint has already become one of the leading business tools with over 75% of Fortune 500 companies utilizing it. By 2012, around 65,000 organizations had purchased the SharePoint licenses and everyone out of 5 knowledge worker had access to this application. The following are some key features of Microsoft SharePoint:

1)    Intranet Portals,

2)    Increased Business Intelligence solutions

3)    Websites,

4)    Advanced Search Functionality

5)    Document & File Management,

6)    Social Networks,

7)    Extranets

Now, if you are wondering why do you need SharePoint and how can it help your business grow, here are some benefits of SharePoint that every Business owner should know about.

5 Benefits of SharePoint for Business

1) Core Administration

The Central Administration Panel of SharePoint enables business managers or owners to access all functionalities through a single panel. They can easily access system settings, application management tools, monitor SharePoint farms, backup & restore, update security settings, and change general application settings through a single page. Moreover, it can be done remotely and hence it’s very beneficial business which has several branches.

2) Tailor-made

In SharePoint, you have the option of customizing the application and components according to your business need. You can either use all the features with the pre-set design, or you can get it customized by your development team. You can design your SharePoint in a way that helps your team access all essential tools through a single dashboard and also a lot of different instruments and rights to various departments in your business. SharePoint can also be customized to match your companies branding.


3) One Stop Shop

SharePoint brings together all your business sites under a single platform which reduces the efforts and resources required to manage each page separately. Your developers can consolidate all intranet, internet and extranet sites under the same dashboard. This results in substantial cost savings and also makes it very convenient to handle all the sites. Apart from sites, SharePoint also allows you to integrate several other technologies that you utilize in your business like MS Office, MS Exchange Server, and MS Unified Communication.


4) Team Work

SharePoint is an excellent teamwork tool for Businesses. The advanced collaboration features in SharePoint make it very easy to connect with your team in a creative way. This streamlined approach towards teamwork allows a free flow of information and knowledge which promotes productivity and helps you in organizing your tasks and performances and keep a track of your workforce and time expenditures.


5) Your Secret is safe 

Security is the brightest feather on SharePoint’s hat. Microsoft has shown great diligence in ensuring the integrity of your data. It gives you the control over the amount of access and rights people have about managing your sites, folders, files, and applications. The option of tracking changes helps you monitor all the changes made to a document and return a document to an earlier version. The safety protocols of the Microsoft SharePoint ensure that the integrity of your documents lodged in the cloud is never compromised.


Having outlined some of the leading benefits of SharePoint, let’s understand that it takes keen understanding, leadership, planning, persistence and foresight to get the desired results. Whether you have a small or big organization, SharePoint can be a great tool to achieve higher productivity. So, it will be advisable that you get in touch with developers who have expertise in developing SharePoint for getting the optimum results. If you have any queries, reach us through the comment section below or byclicking here.


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