Microsoft Azure – Why Go For it?

Cloud computing is perhaps the latest technological advancement in data storage. With so many options available, it is definitely taking the world by storm. It is already being used by many companies to achieve success in their respective fields.

While there are many cloud computing servicing companies in the market, it is normal for you to get confused. It is where Microsoft, the computing giant has launched Azure to compete against the others.

Now, let me tell you that cloud computing service is not the end all feature of Azure. There are innumerable other benefits as well. Read the article to understand it fully.

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Microsoft Azure in a Glance

Microsoft Azure delivers more than cloud servicing that is compatible with Windows. It can sync well with Linux distributions and any other operating systems. This in turns reduces a lot of work regarding programming and data transfer.

Solving start up problems

Start up is an industrial revolution. In this era you cannot really waste your time for importing and exporting your files in required format. This is where azure comes into the picture. You can store all your data completely secured in any formats available to you. Additionally, you can also access at the time of need.
Moreover, fundamental and major problems are handled by a set of professionals present at specific location. If you want to know about the conceptual topics on account management and subscriptions, these professionals will help you out with your exact requirement.


  1. Azure came up with some amazing advancements with the following features:
  2. The websites allow programmers and web develops to build websites by using PHP, ASP, . NET, Python or Node.js. Basically, you can develop in any framework. It can also be supported by Git. , FTP or any other format of server.



  1. This virtual platform easily allows the web builders to travel through the framework without even changing the code. Thus, it can both run on Linux and Windows server. Azure services also support any type of automated deployed equipments in multi-tier scenarios. Therefore, you can use this extensively. This perfectly synchronizes with al applications and related services.

Data Management

The SQL Database, earlier termed as SQL azure database, now works at much larger scale. It is also compatible with most of the extended applications by using SQL technology.

Media services

Starting from content protection, encoding, decoding or streamlining analytics, Azure works the best. It offers an API built over the HTTP, XML which makes the developing and ongoing work easier for any type of industry. Moreover, GIT, ECLISPSE and Microsoft visual studio is also integrated with it by default. Managed library connections are also provided which interconnects with all the related services of both the company and the server site.

Other services


Needless to say, it helps in hosting websites. Operators can just select the framework of the site, even from open source applications. The person and just surf through the gallery and deploy. This special kind of service is known as platform as a service (PaaS) that comes with almost negligible amount.

Virtual machines

The azure virtual machines consist of robust infrastructure as Microsoft provides the service from their local installed public cloud. Briefly, these machines are also supported by any types of window server edition along with Linux editions. This way the clients can also create virtual machines needed to control data centers.

Cloud services

The cloud services are the compartments of hosted applications. These applications are nothing but public web forums like e-commerce or any other extensive websites. Developers develop code in secret language to maintain the security of the data in the cloud space, which can be only used by private machines. Additionally, you can also easily process order or analyze data in minute’s times.


Azure operated through customized operating system specially made by Microsoft. This runs on fabrical layer, hosted at the data centers. It manages the storage along with computable resources of the companies. Microsoft’s fabrical layer controls the scaling and the reliability. These layers provide the ultimate security and are more technological advance than any other platforms.

As a result, it segregates the data finely. Therefore, the services do not crash even if the server crashes within the particular data centre. It also balances off the user’s web framework and balances off the extra load with memory pockets.

Who will not want optimized network designed perfectly to generate accelerated cloud computing. By using privately optimized framework, your users are safe around the globe. There is no bypassing of unsteady public network, so it results directly to the cloud. Avoid problems like traffic congestion and slow loading issue, with Azure. Get speed, performance and security all at same time.
If you wish to know more about Azure, feel free to comment below, you can also reach us if you wish to get the maximum out of Microsoft Tools for your business


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