Important tips for your ecommerce store – Be The Best Among The Rest

This is the era of digital marketing and an ecommerce site is very essential for any company. Not only it is the best way to reach out to the world but also you can get more sales! However, you will only get good sales volume if you are using the right web utilizing tools.

While there is free floating information in the market and you can definitely get confused about it, we are going to sum up it in a nutshell. All the tactics are used just to generate potential customer leads; those can be directed to the websites. The marketing methods need to be unique and vibrant. But how will you do it! Read the article to get a complete view.

High web traffic doesn’t necessarily mean potential customers and greater sales conversion. Most of the time, this generated web traffic is viral traffic. Therefore, you need to follow the right social and web marketing methods.

It’s all about planning!

Your e-commerce website without a realistic business plan is like a ship without a rudder. It will fail eventually. You need to be aware about what your selling products, your target audience, your suppliers and the demography of the particular region.

Additionally, since there is a lack of physical touch you need to have an attractive web design along with fast delivery services. While you cannot converse with your audience for convincing your brand value, you can always delight them with timely delivery and tailor made offers.

Also, you need to update your business model from time to time. Remember the world has shifted from buyer’s market to customer’s market. So, constant up gradations, addition of new products or services are necessary to keep your web store alive.

Clear storefront layout and navigation facilities

Design should never be overlooked. Any user should be able to instantly connect with the website and can easily surf through. It is advised that your web design should be crisp and simple. As an online store you must have a home page, with a search bar, navigation bar, bread crumps followed by category selection.

You must also go for a rotational banner highlighting deal of the day, popular items and ongoing or coming offers. Additionally, special attention should be given to secure customer details like credit/debit card details, name and contact number. While you are putting a lot of effort for sales, do not forget to do the SSL integration.

Filterable and actionable product description

You must have seen that most of the reputed websites have filtered navigation and options to compare items. This gives a lot of varieties to the customers. It also encourages the person to buy by increasing the participation in the selection process.

At the same time, you should not forget about your cache management. Effective cache management will be helpful in loading cookies at much faster rate and hence you can cut down on your marketing expenses.

Product pictures

If you think product pictures are not important then you are making a huge mistake. Most of the users want to see the details, the quality by zooming in. Reports have suggested that most of the final purchases are being done only after proper inspection of the material.

Update multiple angles and light shots. The best way to update your website is by checking your competitors’ website and taking pictures that is better than those. In addition to it, you can also put some creative images. This informal approach is good for connecting with your customers.

Instant action

Invest in features that can instantly connect with your consumers. Make your site more interactive. You can install how to do videos, interactive tours about your backend process, live chat with customer service, slide shows showing technical aspects and the list goes on.

Do not forget your regular customers. While most of the online places are just sellers’ market, you should bang on delighting your customers. Send a sample of any new launches or send them a “hello” card, keeping budget in mind. This way you can get fixed businesses from your customer database. It will also increase your goodwill in the field.

In face promotion

When you visit any online store, do you see all products are set up the same way? Most likely no! A store’s main objective is to push the product to the viewers but it should not be in the same boring format.

Do not forget cross selling, suggestive ideas, client testimonials, customer acknowledgment, clearance sales, discount coupons and flash sale. Do the right type of marketing for each and every product. Segregate your target audience and then hit.

These days’ merchants are providing advance and fast shopping experience by the help of AJAX plug in. You can gain a competitive advantage as the speed increases and eventually earn customer loyalty.


Price is the most important factor and you should not overlook it at all. Needless to say low prices will obviously attract customers. Do a market research and keep everything for everyone. Keep cheap products and premium products in a different category. This way your traffic will also increase and you can cater to everyone.

Customer service and shipping methods

Make your checkout process as short as possible. Remember you don’t want your customers to change their mind. So, do not put any ads and banners over there. Keep checkout on the same page of collecting customer information. No one likes to fill up huge information.  Be clear with wish list and place my order buttons.

Shipping and return policy should be clearly mentioned at the time of placing an order. Free shipping does work but not necessarily you can give that to all your products. You can trick free shipping for some days of the month when the movement of the goods are very low. Market it as “rush processing, offer flat discounts on poorly purchased goods and earn some revenue”. This way you can also have you cut off profit margin.

Give the look of your packaging boxes a modern twist by screen printing the boxes.  Give a coupon card to your first time buyers. So! When your customer opens the box the feeling should be of gift unwrapping.

Be socially active – one the best SEO practices

In order to yield more effective result, every online company owner needs to be socially active through social media networks. This is the process of off page seo and increases brand awareness along with attracting the right type of customer.

Strong social network also means that your each and every product or service is getting noticed and creating a presence in the market.  Needless to say business facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest can create the right buzz. Moreover, advertising through them is cheaper aS you can filter out audiences.

You must have seen reputed websites are posting images of their brand products and also behind the scene or work pictures. This is a personalized approach to the customers and at the same time it denotes the authenticity of the brand. At the same time you should not funnel down and keep posting about your business. Make the base broader and also post about the related products that go along with your store. Maintain a blog and keep updating about your products to optimise your SEO.

Success in this digital era is an art. When everyone is rushing into generating traffic and driving sales, you can go it differently by maintaining an online PR and creating brand value. It will take time but being successful is inevitable.


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