SharePoint Business Process Automation


SharePoint customization is the best way to collaborate and integrate various tools and software for any ongoing projects. It reduces the risk to independently deal with resources, saving time and money. It speeds up the level of productivity and accuracy in any project. Data can be presented to the users using the intranet as well as the extranet without the need of implementing a separate infrastructure. Training material, sales reports, marketing guidelines, etc and all kinds of documents can be integrated into the system and made available for specific users to view, edit, and modify these documents.

Organize and schedule meetings

Since, you can integrate Microsoft Outlook using the customization of this server; it is easier to schedule meetings across various branches and locations. For instance, if you want to schedule a meeting with employees of other branch of the company which is not in your local area, you can set up this meeting easily using the customization service of the SharePoint server.

Automate processes and workflows easily

All contracts and documents can be virtualized using the automation process. This reduces the paper work and helps collaborate and work with anyone globally. It means that if you recruit employees across the globe, they don’t have to physically come to your office to sign the contracts. Digital signatures and virtual documents provide the required authentication of any process. This automates the process of recruitment in a company. Many other processes with the customers can be automated. Virtual invoices, bills, etc can be generated using this service without disturbing the workflow.

Extension of functionality

Since, most of the collaboration can be tailor made; it extends the functionality of any business process in use. Tools like, dashboard are available with every application that is integrated with SharePoint can help the users process any document with ease. SharePoint has flexible features. Organizations must weigh what features and tools they require before using this server. Retrieval of information from any location, and working remotely is vital to any organization. SharePoint makes it easier to work on any documents and access them even remotely.

How a business can benefit from SharePoint

Collaborating with the team is that easy. It makes the work of working together as a team more efficient. When you purchase SharePoint, you can also hire SharePoint developers who can work on business solution with regard to this server. With the help of communication tools, such as, newsfeeds and follow buttons, companies can share the news or any instruction about the ongoing processes. It also helps creating social communities and magazines within the company. It majorly reduces the workload by automating all the business processes. The workflow can be tracked by the managers by keeping a check on reports and other activities related to the project. Various processes can be streamlined by unified various processes on a single platform.

Virtual workspaces

Businesses can create virtual and dynamic workspaces for their employees on the fly. Assigning resources and a system to a new employees only takes a few hours. These developers can design a solution for every process of the organization that works towards their advantage. The accuracy of the reports generated can help managers analyze the productivity of their teams.

Create SharePoint awareness within the company

Once you have a list of intranet and extranet users, you can allocate resources accordingly. When you have a list of all the processes in place across all the departments, there will be no redundancies or duplication of data or solutions. You can create workshops and training material for the employees within the company. Create the concept of the mechanism of every process and sell its awareness across various departments in the company.  You can also create a small pilot project that gives a hands on experiences to the users within the company. Learning about the benefits and reduction of the cost of money and resources can help generate enthusiasm amongst users to inculcate these solutions.

Users who can be included

When you create these solutions, you can work with content contributors, editors, authors, from various geographical locations as possible. You don’t have to depend on your local location alone to find the best of these people. You can develop all types of content that is relevant to the processes of the business. Keep this process as simpatico as process. Elaborating any of these processes can only complicate it and make users lose interest in implementing these solutions. It is important to keep the users who use these solutions happy. This keeps the enthusiasm high to implement its powerful capabilities.

Self service platform

The best thing about implementing a SharePoint server is that, it makes every user independent and a self learner. You don’t need a system administrator to implement every solution with regard to access and support for a given project. Users can independently contribute and use these solutions that best suits their projects. This is to say that an administrator does not interfere in their projects. No tickets have to be raised when a new resources or access to a tool is needed. The content of the company can be kept up-to-date. It is useful for working collaboratively with web applications and a complex work structure, efficiently. This is a platform that needs marketing within the company so users understand the scope of its use. Even stakeholders can be included in the planning and development, as they too can understand how cost effective these solutions are. Nevertheless, this also reduces the burden of the IT department who are thrust with administrative issues of the technical part of the company’s processes.

For businesses of all size, SharePoint will prove to be useful and cost effective. You can leverage the use of these solutions and leapfrog the growth of your company. It helps to keep centralized information that can be accessed for all kinds of documents of the company. Modules can be added and deleted as per the use of the business process. It is an out of the box option to create a better electronic communication. To learn more how SharePoint Business Process Automation can help you grow your company, comment below contact our expert advisers by clicking here.



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