New Cloud Services Round The Block – Why Microsoft Azure!

Cloud based applications are in vogue today and why not! Looking at the benefits it provides, anyone would get attracted towards it. Cloud stores all your data on the servers of your internet. Cloud service providers allow the data to run on web browser through internet connection rather than using computer’s hard drive.

Thus cloud base are those application which use the software and pay for it without installing them on a computer. Cloud based application can take your business to the next level without much capital investment. And that is the reason why it has created a buzz in the business world. The benefits it provides are

  • Less cost of ownership
  • Less maintenance
  • Improvised accessibility
  • More scalability
  • Improved collaboration
  • Better data protection

This is the reason why large number of companies prefer to use cloud based applications. One such application is Microsoft Azure.

  • What is Azure?

Azure is a cloud based service provided by Microsoft, which was previously known as windows Azure. It helps the clients to host, develop and manage the web applications online with the help of windows data centre.


Azure can support several languages and can integrate in your environment of your premises easily. Commercially it is sold in 41 countries including U.S.A, Australia, Canada, Uk.


With the use of Azure, developers can store data on servers of Microsoft and can run applications. Such cloud application is useful for both business and customers. There are several benefits attached to the use of Azure. It helps reduce cost and increases productivity and efficiency. Azure supports common languages, standards and protocols and so it is easy to operate.


Another advantage of using Azure is you can give more attention in providing quality services rather than just worrying about technological and operational errors/obstacles. You can make most use of all development tools provided and give faster services to your clients.


Azure is amongst the top ranked platforms for cloud based applications in the entire world. The more you will use Azure, the more you will love it.


  • Why Azure is the most desirable for enterprises?

As per Gartner, Azure is currently the pre-eminent cloud platform for not only platform-as-a-service [PaaS] but also for Infrastructure-as-a-service [IaaS].


Many IT professionals and enterprises are going for Azure, as this is the most powerful cloud platforms with scalability and flexibility. Here are some reasons which make the Azure best cloud application:-

Easily integrates with other Microsoft tools:-

Enterprises which uses Microsoft tools such as Outlook, Office 365, share point, Azure is the best option as it integrates well with Microsoft tools.

Lower costs:-

It lowers the upfront costs by enabling you to pay only for what you use. You only need to pay for the processing time and storage space you need at a given time. The cost of developing, testing and distributing web based application reduces.

Security and reliability:-

The online services team of Microsoft ensures security and maintains the reliable framework and introduces programs and policies to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Simplified data storages:-

Binary data like audios, videos and images can be easily stored by Blobs [Binary large objects]. It can be easily moved in and out of the data storage by using the feature of Import/Export of Azure.

Concentrate on quality work:-

You can easily concentrate on the quality work and do not have to worry about the operational or fundamental errors.

All these benefits can be experienced once you start using Azure in a short while.




  • How it is beneficial is it for a business?


There are a lot of business features Azure provides to a business individual or to an organization. Apart from cloud application following are the features it provides:-


All the frameworks, languages, OS and tools like C+, C++, Java, Windows, Oracle and much more things are supported by Azure.

Assurance of all data security and reliability.

Every workload is handled by Azure. Technical and other consumer services are available 24*7.

All size of files are easily stored and can be easily accessed at anytime and from everywhere.

Compared to the other service providers Azure is friendly and flexible. you only have to pay for the things you need and no additional or unwanted charges.

Azure doesn’t demand any particular environment and adjusts itself in the present environment.

Azure is available in almost all countries and continues to spread its availability in rest of the countries so that more business and organisation can take its benefit.

Azure provides quiet high density for website hosting.


Know it in details


Azure and Microsoft cloud computing system are expected to be utilized by start ups and small businesses, which may have used large and expensive servers on premises.


Costs associated with installation, maintenance is too much to bear and the repairing costs and licensing fees are also expensive. While Azure is online software which you don’t need to install and you have to pay for how much you have used.


Microsoft provides easy accessibility to your data from anywhere with internet connection and Azure is making this new convenience easily available. Globally, Microsoft consultants and programmers are the first choice of the CTOs for developing business solutions and meeting various requirements.


Microsoft consultants and programmers work with their clients as an extension of their team and provide tailor made solutions.


In addition to all these positive points of Azure, it offers cloud based platform for high performance with multiple machines working in parallel, secured and protected identities for every use in the network and controlling access through Azure Active Directory.




Thus at the end we can say there are lot of inventions have been made in the software technology and it has become easy to use and understand. It is a sheer hard work of all professionals that has bloomed in the technological success in the world. Amongst various kind of systems that has came up, one that has not lost its relevance over the course of time is Azure.

To learn how to migrate your business to cloud with Microsoft Azure get in touch with us. Our expert advisors can assist you with effective cloud solutions.


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