Employees working from home on the VPN of the company, find the Microsoft office suite handy. With all the documents, reports, and graphs created electronically, there is hardly a need for paperwork. Right from digital signatures to thumb impressions, all can be sent via the applications of this suite. They can also be verified for authorization. Users can also customize how their personal information can be displayed with the documents.

Users who do not want their personal information to be displayed along with the document can choose the option of “document inspector” and this personal information. The new Microsoft office suite has increased the productivity of employees. They can quickly navigate through menus which are now displayed under ‘insert’ and ‘review’ option. Many contracts are created using Microsoft documents. Digital signatures can be used to sign documents.

Training and development

MS Office training is cost effective. This suite is simple to learn and can make the life of employees easy. With the drop down menu interface replaced with ribbon interface, it is easier to view any options and dialog boxes. All the commands are stored in this format. Microsoft office tools can now be integrated with servers and other programs, expanding the scope of business solutions. After the training program, employees can get better insights into simpatico ways to get the job done. Short cut keys, and many other tips learnt during the training can speed up the process of their work.

New features and benefits

Paperless Office

Microsoft Access is the database management system of MS Office that now lets you import, export and work with XML files. These files contain Meta data used by websites and many other applications in the development process. Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet application with many extended features and a benefit that makes it easier for employees to work on data, analyzes, and executes it. Microsoft Front Page helps create dynamic and static web pages in a short span of time. With a basic skeleton of HTML code already present, the user only has to modify the code, and add snippets of syntax and programs to create websites. More features and functionality can be added to web development with this application. Microsoft InfoPath is an Office application that helps in gathering data of different format.

Other applications and their use

Microsoft OneNote lets you use notes and reuse them on various platforms to make notes, checklists, and jot down pointers. Microsoft Outlook is a communication application that manages emails, and integrates with other programs like calendar, contacts, address book, and holds unlimited capacity for creating email accounts. The limitations of this account per user are set by the administrator. To create presentations in audio visual format, you can use Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation. You can use templates provided by Microsoft that come for free and make an impressive presentation. You can also use premium templates if you like to create an effective presentation. Microsoft Project is helps in organizing business resources and objects together and synchronize it together.

How small businesses are benefited from this suite

When MS Office is used by small businesses, they can export and import the files that are integrated with the other applications of this suite. Whether it is sales, marketing, or any other financial process, can use this suite of applications and bring better results. Instead of developing your own tools, companies can use these applications to create and work on any format of data. Installing a licensed copy of Microsoft Office suite can prove to be a cost effective measure in the long run. Employees can be trained on any application with the help of knowledge base provided by Microsoft.

Free courses online

Once you unlock the Microsoft Office suite, you can take up a course of learning to use these applications at any point of time. Since, the knowledge base is available online all the time, any user can find it easy to self learn to use these applications. Training material is also integrated with every application in the ‘help’ section. Users can explore any application in depth and learn without spending a single penny on these applications.

Convert any files

You can convert an excel sheet to word, convert a word file to a PDF format, and work on different file formats across the applications in this suite. These tailor made applications make it easier to create and print invoices, purchase and sales orders, etc. Every business document that you create looks professional.

Your digital personal secretary

You can use Outlook to schedule meetings, remember appointments, prepare time schedules, and track client relationships through this application. You can manage all kinds of business communication with Outlook. You can share documents using PC, laptop, Smartphone, and work offline. You can also connect these documents to online resources through the browser. Any web application can be integrated with Microsoft Office applications.

Upgrades and maintenance

All of the applications in this suite can be easily upgraded to a higher version. The cost of upgrades depends on the licensing. It is always good to upgrade the applications of this suite, as it gives better working interface, and more features and commands that speed up the work. All those who want to have business solutions need to use this suite to create effective work. You can put the resources of different applications together and use it synonymously to present business data.


There are umpteen benefits for small businesses, individual users, as well as enterprises for using this suite. Though, there are many open source applications that have functions similar to every application of this suite, global users prefer using Microsoft Office Suite. What more, right from text, graphics, technical diagrams, tables, charts, and more types of information can be created using the applications of this suite. This bunch of desktop publishing software is useful for students, employees, home users, as well as corporations. This software bundle helps you stay up to date with the current industry trends.  Now that you are aware of the benefits of going paperless, if you have any further query, our team will be glad to guide you with their expert support. Feel free to write in the comment section below or reach us by clicking here.


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