Dubai is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It believes in adapting to latest technologies. That is also one of the reasons for it to go Paper less. To get rid of office clutter [which usually comprises of paper] going paperless is a great idea. Many foreign countries have started adapting this technology, considering the fact that it has a lot of benefits.


The fact is we will never get actual ‘paperless’ office and so we may opt for semi paperless workspace where all the major paperwork have been transformed into digital space. Also going paperless will only matter when it will be helpful for the betterment of office work. So let’s see what this paperless concept is all about and how it works.

What does paperless office means?

A paperless office means an office where all sort of information is created, stored and transformed through electronic form. It gets rid of all its paper work by transforming the data in to digital content. The two main components of going digital is a scanner and document management software [DMS].

Scanner usually captures and convert the images in to a digital format and DMS then helps further in forwarding and using it. While going for a complete Paperless is difficult, it becomes easy through DMS to share and store the data and adopting a less paperless concept.

Benefits of going paperless :-

Going paperless with office work comes with several benefits such as :-

  • Less office space is required :-

Converting physical documents into a digital format empty up a lot of space which can be used for other productive use. Sometimes it is even possible to get rid of warehousing costs completely.


  • Security increases :-

In paperless environment everything is computerised and so any access to an information needs an authentication.DMS software don’t let any user to get an access to the stored information without a proper authentication. So, this way it will increase the security of all important documents.

  • Disaster recovery :-

The best thing about digital content is they can be stored and multiple backup is taken of the entire digital library so save up the business from disasters like fire or other natural calamities.

  • Compliance with law :-

Many organizations, by law are required to be transparent with their records and be readily available to certain agencies and public. DMS manage and organize the records as per the requirement.

  • Easily accessible :-

Some DMS allows to have an access to the files even from the outside of the office. This becomes very convenient and one can finish off the work easily. It saves time and work can be finish off quickly.

  • Eco- friendly :-

A paperless software can drastically cuts down paper usage and this in turn creates less demand of paper and reduces business’s dependence on paper. This will save trees from getting cut down. Paper production creates lot of air pollution. So, adoption of paperless software is eco-friendly.


What do you need to go paperless?

Basic requirement to go for paperless apart from a computer is a scanner and document management software [DMS]. For efficient processing, each workstation should be set up with dual monitors. First monitor will display the program you are working on and the other one display the referential documents you require while finishing off your work.


An advice from an IT professional will be helpful in knowing whether the adoption of paperless environment is suitable for your computer system and network. They can also suggest appropriate scanner and software to buy as per your requirement. In addition you must also have a plan on how you will convert your physical document into electronic one.



It is important to sort out the documents to be scanned before scanning, to avoid pile of work. Also be critical about electronic files. Make sure which one you need and keep only those files and delete the rest ones. This procedure has to be adopted monthly or at least quarterly.


At the end backup is very important for every document that has converted into electronic file. It is advisable to back up your file on external drive as well apart from hard drive, so that if anything happens to your computer your data can still stay secure.


Why you should go paperless?

It is quite simple to understand that a paper creates a clutter in the office, which will overall give a sense of disorganisation in the office. Also paper is easily lost or destroyed creating a sense of frustration amongst the employees. By going paperless you don’t have to worry about all these issues as all the data is stored electronically.


A dramatic improvement in the productivity of an organisation is noticed as employees are engaged in more quality work rather than maintaining and looking after paper work.


Companies offering paperless solutions usually also supply the ability to scan and convert files using scanner and OCR technology to make the documents easily searchable.


Sharing a document is simplified and it also eliminates the duplication of files. There is a recognised savings in the amount of paper supplies that normally an organisation consumes resulting in to cost reduction.

A DMS with OCR is an added advantage as it enables to full text search. so you can find a file by its text as well apart from of course its name.


After going for all the advantages of a paperless office we realised how in upcoming times a paperless office is going to be a requirement and not a luxury. All big enterprises and organisations are switching off to this method of storing their documents, which are not only easy to manage but also beneficial costs vice.


So, before all those bulky files becomes too stressful even for your assistant to handle and before those piles of paper start taking toll on your office outlook, please go paperless!! If you need any assistance in migrating to paperless office environment comment below or reach us by clicking here.


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