Why use Microsoft dynamics CRM?


Building your business is very important in order to grow in the market and conquer name and fame. Every simple strategies or decisions we take will always make an impact on the growth of the business. You must have a good understanding and friendly relationship with the customers even after you sell your products to them. It’s not over after you sell the product, if you launch any new product you can send out the details of your new products to them. For sending out the details of your new products you will have to maintain a database of your customers. Every business uses different tool or a software to maintain their customer data and information. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a very good business tool which is used to maintain the data of the customers.

Companies use CRM technology to manage the data of the customer’s throughout the business cycle in order to improve the business relationship with the customers, drive more sales through it and help the customers if they require any assistance. CRM maintains the data related to the customers’ website, name, address, contact information’s, email id and many other details. The CRM can also main the details of purchase date, product details and other concerns related to the purchase.

What are the benefits of CRM?

Having customer’s data and information will yield you profits in many ways. Earlier people had to maintain the data in huge ledgers, later they started maintain in an excel sheets. But now with the improvement of technology data can be store on cloud, drives and hard disks. Majority of the companies uses CRM as it helps them in many ways. Here is a small niche which showcases the benefits of CRM and why businesses use them.

  • As the technology improved customers need and requirements also have improved. They prefer everything to be done in a well proper manner from the beginning till the end of the project. Time is very precious and everyone wants to use it wisely, many people hate waiting for getting certain data and information’s. Using CRM you will be able to access the customer’s data in just fraction of seconds.
  • You will be able to increase your revenue to a good extent. You can market out your new products to new customers and the old customers. You can also filter and market to the customers who haven’t still purchased the product. This way you can increase the revenue.
  • You will be able to increase the sales. You can upgrade the product which has been previously purchased and sell other related products after the up gradations. You can also offer complimentary products related to their products which they have purchased previously.
  • You can improve your communications within the company as well as with the customer’s. You will have to share the database with various departments and you will get an understanding with the teams. You will be able to easily access each customer’s data and help them with their requirements.
  • Using a CRM you will know what your customer requires and what they intent to buy. So you will know the strategies of the customers and based on that you can market your products to the required customers.

In today’s technology world you will be able to find many CRM software available on web and in the markets but the best and widely used is Microsoft Dynamic CRM. Microsoft CRM is user friendly, easily accessible, flexible and potential.  Microsoft CRM’s are the best for small and large companies who intend to use it for a direct functionality. They will help to improve the strategies of your business and also increase your ROI.

  • Microsoft CRM offers many advanced features such as search option, filtering and other tools which makes the work accurate and easy for the employees.
  • Marketing is done in a better and easy way as Microsoft CRM helps you to set up the campaigns much faster way. It helps you to organise and run the marketing campaigns to the right audience.
  • With Microsoft CRM, there is a dashboard were you can configure for specific customers and access the data easily and perform the required actions.
  • You will be able to expand your business by using Microsoft CRM as it helps you in growing the sales. You can also track the sales and manage your leads through this software.
  • Work affectivity will be improved as all the data and information will be stored in one place and anyone can access the data from the CRM.
  • There are many tools available with Microsoft CRM you can configure your outlook with the CRM and easily communicate with the customers. Quick responses make you build trust and improve the brand name.
  • You will increase the revenue and sales as employee deals with the customer problems quickly and sort them out within minutes. When the customers are served quickly with the proper services they will be satisfied and would approach you for more products and services.
  • With Microsoft CRM you will be able to handle customer’s issues, problems and improve your customer care service and expand them.
  • A proper view and plan is observed when you use Microsoft CRM as you will know the products which are required and which products are on demand.

There are many more other benefits of Microsoft CRM, you will get to know them only when you install and use them. You can easily create new data from the CRM records and access your outlook and send mails as a part of marketing campaigns. More than 4,000,000 users are widely using Microsoft CRM across 80 countries. Microsoft CRM is not only designed to improve sales and revenue but also helps you to manage your business aspects, customer relationship. It is easily accessible from any device and any platform. Adapt the usage of Microsoft CRM in your business and see the wonders it can create for your business.


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