Building a business app in UAE

Now a day’s people have started adopted the usage of Smartphone’s and tablets as an essential part of life. With this technology usage there is more is need to something and essential which has to been implemented every now and then. 77% of the population are currently using majority of their requirements through online. Day by day there are more opportunities with this radical change. Though there are traditional websites for many business people prefer to use mobile websites and applications as it is very convenient and easy to access. Almost everyone uses mobile phones and tablets in their day to day life. As there is more usage of mobile phones and tablets many development companies are coming up with new bright ideas which can be implemented and developed for better accessibility and usage.

What is a mobile app?

Mobile application or just apps are software which are only meant for mobile and tablet devices. They will provide all the functionalities like how website works. You can get the required apps either in Google stores or apple store whichever is compatible for you device. For apple mobiles, you must download the apps from the apple stores only, other apk file will not be installed. For other smart phones and tablets, you can download from Google store and install it.

Things to know before developing app

Initially when you are getting involved in any business or anything you will research and then venture into it. The same implies when you are developing an app. There are few things to know before you develop an app.

  • Make an estimation of how popular your mobile app will be. Make a research of how many people will use it and how many will be benefitted and many more research strategies.
  • Think why you need to design and launch a mobile app. What is the purpose for creating it.

What are the benefits of having mobile apps??

Applications in short are known as apps. Apps help you to keep up in the race of this technology world. Keeping up with the race is very important as you can always stay updated and learn more and more new things and technology. By using mobile applications customers and the developers are benefited. People in UAE are very busy and want things to be done quickly and perfectly. By using app they will be benefited more and increase their revenue.

  • No more waiting in long queues. Mobile apps are much faster and easier to use. When you’re using the web you must enter the url and wait for the website to load. But while you are using mobile apps you can easily login to the app and access any of the zones which you require quickly. Each data will get stored in the database and it will be accessible even when you are offline too.
  • Apps help you to be on the business buzz always. You will get more visibility and you will be popular in the market trends day by day. As mobiles are always in the hand and people keep using it, the apps are always visible to the customers. You will be able to build a trust worthy relationship with the customers.
  • Apps help in increasing the customer engagements. Customers can easily access apps and they need is fulfilled very quickly. In the modern era people use mobile in large volume, they can access everything in apps rather than web browsers.
  • App usages are cost efficient. It’s just a onetime investment and later it requires for up gradation. It is much better than newspaper ads and TV ads.
  • You can create a direct communication with the customers through apps and let them know the about the latest offers you are giving out. They will provide the general information’s of price, user accounts, new arrivals, search facilities and other general info.
  • When there are more customers who download your app and use, you will increase traffic to the brand website and increase your revenue too. People can buy your products easily and a loyalty relationship is created between you and the customers.
  • Be ahead in the competition, still many businesses are yet to develop their mobile apps. If you are running a small business in UAE, create an app for your business and increase your revenue and be ahead in the competition.
  • You will improve your social networking also through apps. From mouth to mouth also people may spread about your business and which helps them to download an app for your business.
  • You can directly get in touch with your customers. You need not do email marketing anymore and no worries of landing up your mails in the spam box.

Why customers should use mobile app?

Time waits for none, people are very busy in their day to day schedules and they have less time to spend on themselves. Using a mobile app will help you in many ways and even save your time.

  • If you have any problem you need not wait for weeks to get it resolved. You can directly have a one on one chat with the service provider and get your problem rectified easily.
  • You can easy access anything in just a single touch and save your time. Book movie tickets, shop your favourite goodies and much more.
  • You can get automatic updates of you next schedules and appointments in case if you have booked for a doctor or for a movie or any other.
  • You can check your offers directly which are specially meant for app users. You will also be able to know the upcoming offers, discount sales and new arrivals.

Apps may be like an encyclopaedia to you as they will provide and fulfil your requirements. Don’t miss out any apps which are useful to you. Your daily routines and schedules can get faster and easily without being greasy with things. Use mobile apps to your business and improve the profits and visibility.


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