Computers connected with each other within a company with no access to the public networks are called intranets. Every enterprise, whether small or large, needs an intranet in place to share information and work in collaboration.

Files and resources are shared in an intranet. Computers are connected with network cables and infrastructure is designed on the IP model. The same protocols of network communications are used to implement an intranet, but with restrictions to access for company’s data and internal information.

Companies’ internal websites

Intranet could be websites within the company with access to restricted users. Only employees or contractors of that organization have an access to these websites and network resources. An intranet streamlines collaborations of all the business processes for every project.

Firewall and other network security tools are provided to protect data and information of the company. A separate content management system is implemented to document and archive processes and procedures for every project. This also includes updating knowledge base and eBooks related to the project.

Tools and applications in an intranet

A corporate can have internal social networking applications, such as, messengers, forums, forms, etc. This is to ensure smoother communication within the company. The search application developed on the intranet indexes and retrieves data upon request.

An intranet has a homepage, with a login id and password that is unique to every employee in the organization. This is also available on the mobile platform. All the tools and applications of the intranet can also be accessed on the mobile platform that is integrated with the IP of the companies’ gateway.

Security and access restrictions

Every user in the company is allotted a certain amount of access to resources and data. Depending upon the project as well as the designation of the employees, this limit is set. This is done for security as well as to enhance the productivity within the organization. Doing so also prevents wastage of network resources and bandwidth.

Intranet 3 benefits

Extranet is for outside access

Suppliers, vendors, partners, etc can access public resources of the company via the extranet website. They do not have access to the internal resources or data of the company. It is a part of the intranet that has limited public access. It is more of an extension of the intranet of the company.

Any computer with a standard configuration can access an extranet website or an application. Data encryption and user authentication are used to allow access to the extranet. Extranet can also be purchased from a service provider who maintains the same for your company.

When is extranet useful

A company that wants to collaborate with clients to show demos, execute applications, share presentations, and give access to repository needs an extranet. The main objective is to collaborate for a project, automate processes, and communication via a single, well structured platform.

Materials pertaining to training and development, eBooks, catalogues, etc that are made available to customers and clients need an extranet application. Security is paramount here, as any loophole can give unauthorized access to the internal and confidential resources of the company.

Expensive to implement

There are different cost effective models to implement an intranet as well as an extranet. Companies need to be careful in selecting a security solution provider which encrypts and protects the way data is communicated within and outside the company through public domains. They are compatible with almost all the browser platforms and operating systems. They are user friendly and easily navigable.

Customization of tools and techniques

The intranet as well as extranet solution can be integrated with any internet applications, such as, Outlook, etc. Project timelines are set and managed through an extranet website. Project resources are shared with the employees and the clients.

Customer support is also provided with an extranet application. For instance, Microsoft’s SharePoint is a server based suite of applications that can be used for customizing intranet, extranet, and also web applications.

This integrated server suite that comes with many inbuilt capabilities can speed up the process for any project. Content management that supports all formats of content is made available for intranet, extranet, as well as the internet.

Clients and customers do not need technical expertise

To be able to access and collaborate via extranet applications, the clients do not need technical training. Their user profiles are created and securely stored in the database. The site administrator can grant access to the resources and tools that are specifically applicable to that particular project only.

For instance, the client has no access to the files of the company that they will not be working on. Only the site administrator can limit or grant access to the clients, vendors, customers, partners, and people outside the company.

Yet another need for an extranet

When the company wants to make announcements, display offers, or change the terms and conditions, the vendors and customers are made known through an extranet website. An extranet website is a platform where this information is displayed as and when needed.

Your customers too can place orders through an extranet website. You can also integrate a payment gateway that includes invoice and accepts payments via this portal. Vendors and suppliers can also send queries and get them answered via this portal. Customers can raise tickets, give feedback and communicate via this website.

Growth of the business

A business that seeks growth needs an extranet. It can accept more orders and provide relevant information in various formats. Media in any format can be uploaded onto this website. Your administrator can manage the content and curate it from time to time.

This makes it easier for customers to find any information they are looking for. This is one of the most organized ways to communicate with the customers.


Implementing an intranet and extranet requires one to have a professional experience in infrastructure development. When the right network is implements, it saves resources and money in execution and maintenance. Businesses that are on the go can make information about their company mobile so it is accessible on any platform, without any interruption. To learn more about extranets or intranets feel free to drop in a comment below or feel free to reach us by following this link.




Technologies and their upgrades seem to be on the autopilot. With enterprises switching from Windows to Linux servers or vice versa, this migration can have some effects on the computers. In an organization, computers are connected to a network. Remote installations, repair, and upgrades are a common tasks carried out by the IT department.

If a single computer is not working, the employees are not going to be very empathic and understanding about it.  This is one of the reasons why the pressure on the IT department is very high. Employees have deadlines to meet and managers to answer to.

This chain reaction causes high level of anxiety and pressure to the IT department. Migration of the server has got to do with planning and implementation than the technology per se.

Cloud computing, renting, or investing on infrastructure

Small and medium size businesses too are now opting to rent or cloud their hosting because this is a cost effective option. It is platform independent. Any technology upgrades with regard to any application or background service can be done easily. Investing on infrastructure is a costly affair.

Cloud hosting is the most reliable, well structured, and flexible option to migrate servers. This is an important decision to make before migrating servers. Do you want to rent servers or invest in their making? Also, renting companies those can migrate old machines is a cost effective and time effective option.

Training and development

Before planning a migration of server, the IT department also needs people who are well trained in the technology. For instance, if the company is migrating from Windows to a Linux server, experienced Linux engineers are needed.

This also means either training or recruiting new employees. Migrating servers is like making a complete paradigm shift. Not every employee is going to be happy with the changes. For instance, it could change the login screen, the way you login, etc.

Testing technologies

With a plan in hand, it is important to test the technologies for server migration before implementing it. The performance of data, the speed of data processing, disaster recovery, and many other metrics are tested before migration happens. Pre migrating testing is vital as all the failures and redundancies can be eliminated.

Backing up of all company data

Once the test passes the performance benchmark and other metrics, all the company data is backed up. The work schedules of employees are changed temporarily to implement servers. It is important to migrate sometimes, so the businesses can keep up with the latest technology and speed up the process of delivery.


All the processes are documented

Documentation too becomes an important part of the process. It includes documenting every process of server management. DNS connections, Internal and external IPs, dependent and independent applications, security patches, and all the configuration settings are documented. After server implementation, size of the single user mailbox is set. Antivirus and anti spam is installed. Restriction to access external sites is set.

Using resources optimally

Traffic patterns are analyzed. Templates and images of Operating systems and single process are created. This happens when the server is migrated to cloud infrastructure, and resources for every application is allocated.

Server virtualization has the reputation of increasing data efficiency and reduces the load on the server. Due to this, there will hardly be any downtime, regardless of how many users are accessing the same resources.

Other things that are taken into account

An implementation has a chance to fail. When new technologies are tested, there has to be a failover plan too. Say, one thing does not work, the process can be customized or tailored and a few processes can be changed for testing again.

Keeping the business model in mind, the planning for migration is done. The main objective of a server migration is faster data processing, no down time, data security, no redundancies or data corruption.

Firms, like financial companies and data analytics where every single piece of data is crucial, take time to implement the best of technologies. Testing is done over a period of time and not something that can happen overnight.

Deadlines and demands

Though, they cannot be implemented or tested in a jiffy, there are always deadlines set to meet. The implemented migration must be able to fulfill any requirement of the employee or the organization when working on a project.

Every project has a different demand. Same configuration does not fit all. Sometimes, the parity can be large. To fill this gap, technologies need to be tested within a timeframe. The IT department must be willing to make changes on the fly, should there be a demand.

Troubleshooting and maintenance

Troubleshooting becomes an integral part of implementing these technologies. The team of IT that has migrated the server to a better upgrade must also be able to fix any software or hardware issues arising. When implementing a new process, the hardware might not be compatible.

The IT must be able to change the specifications, do a cold boot, and manage remotely as much as possible. Since, time in money in all the organizations, installations, upgrades, troubleshooting, and maintenance is done remotely.

Limited file extensions

Since, the IT department is fully aware of how a virus or Trojan enters a system; they also limit the use of file extension. For instance, if your friend has sent you a funny flash video, it might not open in your mail because of these restrictions. Social media platforms and chat messenger that are not applicable to the company’s usage are also blocked as a part of the implementation.

Employee training

If the server implementation is done on a new technology, the employees too have to go through training programs to be able to use them. Few basics functions on the computers are taught in this session with regard to their projects.

Server implementation is a team work. The focus is always on the security, speed, and the robustness of the technology implemented. Scalable models are preferred as they tend to reduce the future cost of upgrades.

Cyquent is a gold certified partner of Microsoft and our team of experts can extend an extensive support in migrating your servers safely. You can reach us to know more about our services and support.

Important tips for your ecommerce store – Be The Best Among The Rest

This is the era of digital marketing and an ecommerce site is very essential for any company. Not only it is the best way to reach out to the world but also you can get more sales! However, you will only get good sales volume if you are using the right web utilizing tools.

While there is free floating information in the market and you can definitely get confused about it, we are going to sum up it in a nutshell. All the tactics are used just to generate potential customer leads; those can be directed to the websites. The marketing methods need to be unique and vibrant. But how will you do it! Read the article to get a complete view.

High web traffic doesn’t necessarily mean potential customers and greater sales conversion. Most of the time, this generated web traffic is viral traffic. Therefore, you need to follow the right social and web marketing methods.

It’s all about planning!

Your e-commerce website without a realistic business plan is like a ship without a rudder. It will fail eventually. You need to be aware about what your selling products, your target audience, your suppliers and the demography of the particular region.

Additionally, since there is a lack of physical touch you need to have an attractive web design along with fast delivery services. While you cannot converse with your audience for convincing your brand value, you can always delight them with timely delivery and tailor made offers.

Also, you need to update your business model from time to time. Remember the world has shifted from buyer’s market to customer’s market. So, constant up gradations, addition of new products or services are necessary to keep your web store alive.

Clear storefront layout and navigation facilities

Design should never be overlooked. Any user should be able to instantly connect with the website and can easily surf through. It is advised that your web design should be crisp and simple. As an online store you must have a home page, with a search bar, navigation bar, bread crumps followed by category selection.

You must also go for a rotational banner highlighting deal of the day, popular items and ongoing or coming offers. Additionally, special attention should be given to secure customer details like credit/debit card details, name and contact number. While you are putting a lot of effort for sales, do not forget to do the SSL integration.

Filterable and actionable product description

You must have seen that most of the reputed websites have filtered navigation and options to compare items. This gives a lot of varieties to the customers. It also encourages the person to buy by increasing the participation in the selection process.

At the same time, you should not forget about your cache management. Effective cache management will be helpful in loading cookies at much faster rate and hence you can cut down on your marketing expenses.

Product pictures

If you think product pictures are not important then you are making a huge mistake. Most of the users want to see the details, the quality by zooming in. Reports have suggested that most of the final purchases are being done only after proper inspection of the material.

Update multiple angles and light shots. The best way to update your website is by checking your competitors’ website and taking pictures that is better than those. In addition to it, you can also put some creative images. This informal approach is good for connecting with your customers.

Instant action

Invest in features that can instantly connect with your consumers. Make your site more interactive. You can install how to do videos, interactive tours about your backend process, live chat with customer service, slide shows showing technical aspects and the list goes on.

Do not forget your regular customers. While most of the online places are just sellers’ market, you should bang on delighting your customers. Send a sample of any new launches or send them a “hello” card, keeping budget in mind. This way you can get fixed businesses from your customer database. It will also increase your goodwill in the field.

In face promotion

When you visit any online store, do you see all products are set up the same way? Most likely no! A store’s main objective is to push the product to the viewers but it should not be in the same boring format.

Do not forget cross selling, suggestive ideas, client testimonials, customer acknowledgment, clearance sales, discount coupons and flash sale. Do the right type of marketing for each and every product. Segregate your target audience and then hit.

These days’ merchants are providing advance and fast shopping experience by the help of AJAX plug in. You can gain a competitive advantage as the speed increases and eventually earn customer loyalty.


Price is the most important factor and you should not overlook it at all. Needless to say low prices will obviously attract customers. Do a market research and keep everything for everyone. Keep cheap products and premium products in a different category. This way your traffic will also increase and you can cater to everyone.

Customer service and shipping methods

Make your checkout process as short as possible. Remember you don’t want your customers to change their mind. So, do not put any ads and banners over there. Keep checkout on the same page of collecting customer information. No one likes to fill up huge information.  Be clear with wish list and place my order buttons.

Shipping and return policy should be clearly mentioned at the time of placing an order. Free shipping does work but not necessarily you can give that to all your products. You can trick free shipping for some days of the month when the movement of the goods are very low. Market it as “rush processing, offer flat discounts on poorly purchased goods and earn some revenue”. This way you can also have you cut off profit margin.

Give the look of your packaging boxes a modern twist by screen printing the boxes.  Give a coupon card to your first time buyers. So! When your customer opens the box the feeling should be of gift unwrapping.

Be socially active – one the best SEO practices

In order to yield more effective result, every online company owner needs to be socially active through social media networks. This is the process of off page seo and increases brand awareness along with attracting the right type of customer.

Strong social network also means that your each and every product or service is getting noticed and creating a presence in the market.  Needless to say business facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest can create the right buzz. Moreover, advertising through them is cheaper aS you can filter out audiences.

You must have seen reputed websites are posting images of their brand products and also behind the scene or work pictures. This is a personalized approach to the customers and at the same time it denotes the authenticity of the brand. At the same time you should not funnel down and keep posting about your business. Make the base broader and also post about the related products that go along with your store. Maintain a blog and keep updating about your products to optimise your SEO.

Success in this digital era is an art. When everyone is rushing into generating traffic and driving sales, you can go it differently by maintaining an online PR and creating brand value. It will take time but being successful is inevitable.

Microsoft Azure – Why Go For it?

Cloud computing is perhaps the latest technological advancement in data storage. With so many options available, it is definitely taking the world by storm. It is already being used by many companies to achieve success in their respective fields.

While there are many cloud computing servicing companies in the market, it is normal for you to get confused. It is where Microsoft, the computing giant has launched Azure to compete against the others.

Now, let me tell you that cloud computing service is not the end all feature of Azure. There are innumerable other benefits as well. Read the article to understand it fully.

Also see this blog on the benefits of SharePoint for business

Microsoft Azure in a Glance

Microsoft Azure delivers more than cloud servicing that is compatible with Windows. It can sync well with Linux distributions and any other operating systems. This in turns reduces a lot of work regarding programming and data transfer.

Solving start up problems

Start up is an industrial revolution. In this era you cannot really waste your time for importing and exporting your files in required format. This is where azure comes into the picture. You can store all your data completely secured in any formats available to you. Additionally, you can also access at the time of need.
Moreover, fundamental and major problems are handled by a set of professionals present at specific location. If you want to know about the conceptual topics on account management and subscriptions, these professionals will help you out with your exact requirement.


  1. Azure came up with some amazing advancements with the following features:
  2. The websites allow programmers and web develops to build websites by using PHP, ASP, . NET, Python or Node.js. Basically, you can develop in any framework. It can also be supported by Git. , FTP or any other format of server.



  1. This virtual platform easily allows the web builders to travel through the framework without even changing the code. Thus, it can both run on Linux and Windows server. Azure services also support any type of automated deployed equipments in multi-tier scenarios. Therefore, you can use this extensively. This perfectly synchronizes with al applications and related services.

Data Management

The SQL Database, earlier termed as SQL azure database, now works at much larger scale. It is also compatible with most of the extended applications by using SQL technology.

Media services

Starting from content protection, encoding, decoding or streamlining analytics, Azure works the best. It offers an API built over the HTTP, XML which makes the developing and ongoing work easier for any type of industry. Moreover, GIT, ECLISPSE and Microsoft visual studio is also integrated with it by default. Managed library connections are also provided which interconnects with all the related services of both the company and the server site.

Other services


Needless to say, it helps in hosting websites. Operators can just select the framework of the site, even from open source applications. The person and just surf through the gallery and deploy. This special kind of service is known as platform as a service (PaaS) that comes with almost negligible amount.

Virtual machines

The azure virtual machines consist of robust infrastructure as Microsoft provides the service from their local installed public cloud. Briefly, these machines are also supported by any types of window server edition along with Linux editions. This way the clients can also create virtual machines needed to control data centers.

Cloud services

The cloud services are the compartments of hosted applications. These applications are nothing but public web forums like e-commerce or any other extensive websites. Developers develop code in secret language to maintain the security of the data in the cloud space, which can be only used by private machines. Additionally, you can also easily process order or analyze data in minute’s times.


Azure operated through customized operating system specially made by Microsoft. This runs on fabrical layer, hosted at the data centers. It manages the storage along with computable resources of the companies. Microsoft’s fabrical layer controls the scaling and the reliability. These layers provide the ultimate security and are more technological advance than any other platforms.

As a result, it segregates the data finely. Therefore, the services do not crash even if the server crashes within the particular data centre. It also balances off the user’s web framework and balances off the extra load with memory pockets.

Who will not want optimized network designed perfectly to generate accelerated cloud computing. By using privately optimized framework, your users are safe around the globe. There is no bypassing of unsteady public network, so it results directly to the cloud. Avoid problems like traffic congestion and slow loading issue, with Azure. Get speed, performance and security all at same time.
If you wish to know more about Azure, feel free to comment below, you can also reach us if you wish to get the maximum out of Microsoft Tools for your business

5 Benefits of SharePoint for Business

Optimizing one’s thoughts and resources is the key to success in any endeavor. However, it’s easier said than done. As the business grows, it gets increasingly complicated to manage one’s resources, and a lot of efforts are invested towards assessing and increasing the productivity of your workforce. Microsoft SharePoint has proved to be instrumental in not only securing your business data but also optimizing your human resource, cost control, and risk management.

SharePoint has already become one of the leading business tools with over 75% of Fortune 500 companies utilizing it. By 2012, around 65,000 organizations had purchased the SharePoint licenses and everyone out of 5 knowledge worker had access to this application. The following are some key features of Microsoft SharePoint:

1)    Intranet Portals,

2)    Increased Business Intelligence solutions

3)    Websites,

4)    Advanced Search Functionality

5)    Document & File Management,

6)    Social Networks,

7)    Extranets

Now, if you are wondering why do you need SharePoint and how can it help your business grow, here are some benefits of SharePoint that every Business owner should know about.

5 Benefits of SharePoint for Business

1) Core Administration

The Central Administration Panel of SharePoint enables business managers or owners to access all functionalities through a single panel. They can easily access system settings, application management tools, monitor SharePoint farms, backup & restore, update security settings, and change general application settings through a single page. Moreover, it can be done remotely and hence it’s very beneficial business which has several branches.

2) Tailor-made

In SharePoint, you have the option of customizing the application and components according to your business need. You can either use all the features with the pre-set design, or you can get it customized by your development team. You can design your SharePoint in a way that helps your team access all essential tools through a single dashboard and also a lot of different instruments and rights to various departments in your business. SharePoint can also be customized to match your companies branding.


3) One Stop Shop

SharePoint brings together all your business sites under a single platform which reduces the efforts and resources required to manage each page separately. Your developers can consolidate all intranet, internet and extranet sites under the same dashboard. This results in substantial cost savings and also makes it very convenient to handle all the sites. Apart from sites, SharePoint also allows you to integrate several other technologies that you utilize in your business like MS Office, MS Exchange Server, and MS Unified Communication.


4) Team Work

SharePoint is an excellent teamwork tool for Businesses. The advanced collaboration features in SharePoint make it very easy to connect with your team in a creative way. This streamlined approach towards teamwork allows a free flow of information and knowledge which promotes productivity and helps you in organizing your tasks and performances and keep a track of your workforce and time expenditures.


5) Your Secret is safe 

Security is the brightest feather on SharePoint’s hat. Microsoft has shown great diligence in ensuring the integrity of your data. It gives you the control over the amount of access and rights people have about managing your sites, folders, files, and applications. The option of tracking changes helps you monitor all the changes made to a document and return a document to an earlier version. The safety protocols of the Microsoft SharePoint ensure that the integrity of your documents lodged in the cloud is never compromised.


Having outlined some of the leading benefits of SharePoint, let’s understand that it takes keen understanding, leadership, planning, persistence and foresight to get the desired results. Whether you have a small or big organization, SharePoint can be a great tool to achieve higher productivity. So, it will be advisable that you get in touch with developers who have expertise in developing SharePoint for getting the optimum results. If you have any queries, reach us through the comment section below or byclicking here.

SharePoint 2016 – Office Online Server

The Next version of Office Web Apps Server

Microsoft has released Office Online Server in 2014, as part of Cloud-First strategy and aligning the on premise resources with cloud resources. It is the successor of Office Web Apps Server. All the updates that will be available to Office Online in cloud will be released and made available to on premise users as regular updates.

How Does It Impact?

The current release of SharePoint 2016 and Exchange Server 2016 are compatible only with Office Online Server. The previous versions, SharePoint 2013 and Exchange Server 2013 are compatible with both Office Web Apps Server and Office Online Server.

If you have a SharePoint 2013 farm or Exchange Server 2013 setup using Office Web Apps Server and wish to migrate to SharePoint 2016 or Exchange Server 2016 then it is required to replace Office Web Apps Server with Office Online Server.


Excel Services which was available in SharePoint 2013 is now made part of Excel Online in Office Online Server. While migrating SharePoint 2013 farm that uses Excel Services, you should install Office Online Server for accessing the Excel Services.

 Why NEW Name?

Microsoft realized that the word “Apps” in Office Web Apps Server was confusing to the end users. Many users felt that these were apps that had to be downloaded through an office store. To make it simple, while releasing the next version of Office Web Apps Server, Microsoft released it as Office Online Server (OOS) with further enhancements.

While OOS is now available to download, users can still download Office Web Apps Server, if there is any specific necessity.


Let us look into the Office Online Server and its features further.


What is Office Online Server:

Office Online Server is Microsoft’s product for using the Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote etc.) through browser based client rather than Office client installed on the desktops. It is the on premise version of the Office Online which is on cloud server.


How does it help?

It facilitates the users who do not have the office client installed in their desktops to view the files within the browser. For viewing the files, no license is required for the end user, however to create / edit the files users need to have the license. Additionally, team collaboration can be achieved as the editing of the files can be performed my multiple users.



Web Application Open Interface (WOPI): Protocol for communication between the client and server. Published by Microsoft based on which OOS works.

WOPI Host: OOS Farm is considered as the WOPI Host

WOPI Client: Any service that uses the OOS is considered as WOPI Client. SharePoint Farm, Microsoft Exchange server or Skype for Business are considered as WOPI Clients.



Licensing & Installation:

Office Online Server can be downloaded at no additional cost, if Volume Licensing Account is available. It needs to be installed in a separate server which does not host any of the services such as SharePoint Farm, Exchange Server 2016 or Skype for Business. Also, it cannot be installed on a Domain Controller.


To make it easier, Microsoft has authorized selective licencing partners in every country to help companies in acquiring licensed software and customizing them according to their necessities. Cyquent LLC is a trusted servicing and licensing partner of Microsoft in UAE. We can help you in acquiring Microsoft License, develop it as per your industry requirement and help you in maintenance. Feel free to reach us if you need any help regarding SharePoint installation.

Microsoft Buys LinkedIn: Whats in this Deal for Users!

After more than a decade of linking professionals, LinkedIn has this time scored a connection that will soon be one of the biggest tech deals of recent times. The technology giant Microsoft is buying LinkedIn for a whopping 26.2 bn dollars. The announcement made on 13th June has varied response from different sections. This news had an instant impact on the share market, sending the share value of LinkedIn almost 50% higher. As both the companies are busy in dialogues, there are major speculations happening in the tech circle about what changes are in store the 433 million LinkedIn users.

As this takeover will bring the world’s largest computing company and the largest network under the same umbrella, there are certainly going to be many perks for Microsoft Users. Microsoft has always been in the lookout to elevate the users experience through mergers and acquisitions. In recent past, Microsoft had acquired skype and Nokia which had a great impact on the Microsoft services. Such acquisitions don’t only add newer and varied technologies to the Microsoft’s software bundle, it also brings in new brains that help Microsoft to stay ahead in the game.

The CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella announced that Jeff Weiner will continue to be the CEO of LinkedIn and report to him. Nadella shared his admiration for LinkedIn and said that he was optimistic about the end result of this collaboration. Although, there is not much disclosed about the future aspirations of Microsoft from LinkedIn, the technology freaks of Cyquent have thought of some probable changes to anticipate in near future.

Major Speculation aboutMicrosoft-LinkedIn Merger

1) Linking LinkedIn Profiles with Microsoft Office

With LinkedIn on board, teamwork will be much easier. As more and more business are using Microsoft SharePoint, this new merger might prove to be a significant leap towards better team working. Have your profiles LinkedIn Profiles linked with your outlook can make it easier for you to reach the relevant people and also respond to others effectively.

2) Cortana Meets LinkedIn

The whole world is turning to voice from text and LinkedIn can benefit a lot by incorporating the features of Cortana. Imagine getting briefed about a prospective client before a meeting where you get to know all about their interests and plan your steps accordingly. All though it sounds very next generation, we have already started striding towards it and before we know we might end up dependent on the virtual assistant for our day to day life.

3) News on the Go

Ever since LinkedIn had acquired the news reader ‘Pulse’, it has been trying to enhance the user experience by providing them an intelligent news feed which will keep them updated with work related news. So far, LinkedIn hasn’t quite been able to get a grip on this feature and have many times burdened users with irrelevant data and advertisements. Now that the think-tank of both these giants will brainstorm over this, there is no doubt that the results are going to be amazing.

Microsoft’s is becoming the biggest business software with more than 70% Fortune 500 companies operating on SharePoint. Acquiring the biggest professional network company is a great idea on the part of team Microsoft. Both of these companies are dedicated towards their user experience and with a merger, it won’t be wrong to expect some major changes and breakthroughs.