Building a business app in UAE

Now a day’s people have started adopted the usage of Smartphone’s and tablets as an essential part of life. With this technology usage there is more is need to something and essential which has to been implemented every now and then. 77% of the population are currently using majority of their requirements through online. Day by day there are more opportunities with this radical change. Though there are traditional websites for many business people prefer to use mobile websites and applications as it is very convenient and easy to access. Almost everyone uses mobile phones and tablets in their day to day life. As there is more usage of mobile phones and tablets many development companies are coming up with new bright ideas which can be implemented and developed for better accessibility and usage.

What is a mobile app?

Mobile application or just apps are software which are only meant for mobile and tablet devices. They will provide all the functionalities like how website works. You can get the required apps either in Google stores or apple store whichever is compatible for you device. For apple mobiles, you must download the apps from the apple stores only, other apk file will not be installed. For other smart phones and tablets, you can download from Google store and install it.

Things to know before developing app

Initially when you are getting involved in any business or anything you will research and then venture into it. The same implies when you are developing an app. There are few things to know before you develop an app.

  • Make an estimation of how popular your mobile app will be. Make a research of how many people will use it and how many will be benefitted and many more research strategies.
  • Think why you need to design and launch a mobile app. What is the purpose for creating it.

What are the benefits of having mobile apps??

Applications in short are known as apps. Apps help you to keep up in the race of this technology world. Keeping up with the race is very important as you can always stay updated and learn more and more new things and technology. By using mobile applications customers and the developers are benefited. People in UAE are very busy and want things to be done quickly and perfectly. By using app they will be benefited more and increase their revenue.

  • No more waiting in long queues. Mobile apps are much faster and easier to use. When you’re using the web you must enter the url and wait for the website to load. But while you are using mobile apps you can easily login to the app and access any of the zones which you require quickly. Each data will get stored in the database and it will be accessible even when you are offline too.
  • Apps help you to be on the business buzz always. You will get more visibility and you will be popular in the market trends day by day. As mobiles are always in the hand and people keep using it, the apps are always visible to the customers. You will be able to build a trust worthy relationship with the customers.
  • Apps help in increasing the customer engagements. Customers can easily access apps and they need is fulfilled very quickly. In the modern era people use mobile in large volume, they can access everything in apps rather than web browsers.
  • App usages are cost efficient. It’s just a onetime investment and later it requires for up gradation. It is much better than newspaper ads and TV ads.
  • You can create a direct communication with the customers through apps and let them know the about the latest offers you are giving out. They will provide the general information’s of price, user accounts, new arrivals, search facilities and other general info.
  • When there are more customers who download your app and use, you will increase traffic to the brand website and increase your revenue too. People can buy your products easily and a loyalty relationship is created between you and the customers.
  • Be ahead in the competition, still many businesses are yet to develop their mobile apps. If you are running a small business in UAE, create an app for your business and increase your revenue and be ahead in the competition.
  • You will improve your social networking also through apps. From mouth to mouth also people may spread about your business and which helps them to download an app for your business.
  • You can directly get in touch with your customers. You need not do email marketing anymore and no worries of landing up your mails in the spam box.

Why customers should use mobile app?

Time waits for none, people are very busy in their day to day schedules and they have less time to spend on themselves. Using a mobile app will help you in many ways and even save your time.

  • If you have any problem you need not wait for weeks to get it resolved. You can directly have a one on one chat with the service provider and get your problem rectified easily.
  • You can easy access anything in just a single touch and save your time. Book movie tickets, shop your favourite goodies and much more.
  • You can get automatic updates of you next schedules and appointments in case if you have booked for a doctor or for a movie or any other.
  • You can check your offers directly which are specially meant for app users. You will also be able to know the upcoming offers, discount sales and new arrivals.

Apps may be like an encyclopaedia to you as they will provide and fulfil your requirements. Don’t miss out any apps which are useful to you. Your daily routines and schedules can get faster and easily without being greasy with things. Use mobile apps to your business and improve the profits and visibility.


Why use Microsoft dynamics CRM?


Building your business is very important in order to grow in the market and conquer name and fame. Every simple strategies or decisions we take will always make an impact on the growth of the business. You must have a good understanding and friendly relationship with the customers even after you sell your products to them. It’s not over after you sell the product, if you launch any new product you can send out the details of your new products to them. For sending out the details of your new products you will have to maintain a database of your customers. Every business uses different tool or a software to maintain their customer data and information. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a very good business tool which is used to maintain the data of the customers.

Companies use CRM technology to manage the data of the customer’s throughout the business cycle in order to improve the business relationship with the customers, drive more sales through it and help the customers if they require any assistance. CRM maintains the data related to the customers’ website, name, address, contact information’s, email id and many other details. The CRM can also main the details of purchase date, product details and other concerns related to the purchase.

What are the benefits of CRM?

Having customer’s data and information will yield you profits in many ways. Earlier people had to maintain the data in huge ledgers, later they started maintain in an excel sheets. But now with the improvement of technology data can be store on cloud, drives and hard disks. Majority of the companies uses CRM as it helps them in many ways. Here is a small niche which showcases the benefits of CRM and why businesses use them.

  • As the technology improved customers need and requirements also have improved. They prefer everything to be done in a well proper manner from the beginning till the end of the project. Time is very precious and everyone wants to use it wisely, many people hate waiting for getting certain data and information’s. Using CRM you will be able to access the customer’s data in just fraction of seconds.
  • You will be able to increase your revenue to a good extent. You can market out your new products to new customers and the old customers. You can also filter and market to the customers who haven’t still purchased the product. This way you can increase the revenue.
  • You will be able to increase the sales. You can upgrade the product which has been previously purchased and sell other related products after the up gradations. You can also offer complimentary products related to their products which they have purchased previously.
  • You can improve your communications within the company as well as with the customer’s. You will have to share the database with various departments and you will get an understanding with the teams. You will be able to easily access each customer’s data and help them with their requirements.
  • Using a CRM you will know what your customer requires and what they intent to buy. So you will know the strategies of the customers and based on that you can market your products to the required customers.

In today’s technology world you will be able to find many CRM software available on web and in the markets but the best and widely used is Microsoft Dynamic CRM. Microsoft CRM is user friendly, easily accessible, flexible and potential.  Microsoft CRM’s are the best for small and large companies who intend to use it for a direct functionality. They will help to improve the strategies of your business and also increase your ROI.

  • Microsoft CRM offers many advanced features such as search option, filtering and other tools which makes the work accurate and easy for the employees.
  • Marketing is done in a better and easy way as Microsoft CRM helps you to set up the campaigns much faster way. It helps you to organise and run the marketing campaigns to the right audience.
  • With Microsoft CRM, there is a dashboard were you can configure for specific customers and access the data easily and perform the required actions.
  • You will be able to expand your business by using Microsoft CRM as it helps you in growing the sales. You can also track the sales and manage your leads through this software.
  • Work affectivity will be improved as all the data and information will be stored in one place and anyone can access the data from the CRM.
  • There are many tools available with Microsoft CRM you can configure your outlook with the CRM and easily communicate with the customers. Quick responses make you build trust and improve the brand name.
  • You will increase the revenue and sales as employee deals with the customer problems quickly and sort them out within minutes. When the customers are served quickly with the proper services they will be satisfied and would approach you for more products and services.
  • With Microsoft CRM you will be able to handle customer’s issues, problems and improve your customer care service and expand them.
  • A proper view and plan is observed when you use Microsoft CRM as you will know the products which are required and which products are on demand.

There are many more other benefits of Microsoft CRM, you will get to know them only when you install and use them. You can easily create new data from the CRM records and access your outlook and send mails as a part of marketing campaigns. More than 4,000,000 users are widely using Microsoft CRM across 80 countries. Microsoft CRM is not only designed to improve sales and revenue but also helps you to manage your business aspects, customer relationship. It is easily accessible from any device and any platform. Adapt the usage of Microsoft CRM in your business and see the wonders it can create for your business.


Dubai is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It believes in adapting to latest technologies. That is also one of the reasons for it to go Paper less. To get rid of office clutter [which usually comprises of paper] going paperless is a great idea. Many foreign countries have started adapting this technology, considering the fact that it has a lot of benefits.


The fact is we will never get actual ‘paperless’ office and so we may opt for semi paperless workspace where all the major paperwork have been transformed into digital space. Also going paperless will only matter when it will be helpful for the betterment of office work. So let’s see what this paperless concept is all about and how it works.

What does paperless office means?

A paperless office means an office where all sort of information is created, stored and transformed through electronic form. It gets rid of all its paper work by transforming the data in to digital content. The two main components of going digital is a scanner and document management software [DMS].

Scanner usually captures and convert the images in to a digital format and DMS then helps further in forwarding and using it. While going for a complete Paperless is difficult, it becomes easy through DMS to share and store the data and adopting a less paperless concept.

Benefits of going paperless :-

Going paperless with office work comes with several benefits such as :-

  • Less office space is required :-

Converting physical documents into a digital format empty up a lot of space which can be used for other productive use. Sometimes it is even possible to get rid of warehousing costs completely.


  • Security increases :-

In paperless environment everything is computerised and so any access to an information needs an authentication.DMS software don’t let any user to get an access to the stored information without a proper authentication. So, this way it will increase the security of all important documents.

  • Disaster recovery :-

The best thing about digital content is they can be stored and multiple backup is taken of the entire digital library so save up the business from disasters like fire or other natural calamities.

  • Compliance with law :-

Many organizations, by law are required to be transparent with their records and be readily available to certain agencies and public. DMS manage and organize the records as per the requirement.

  • Easily accessible :-

Some DMS allows to have an access to the files even from the outside of the office. This becomes very convenient and one can finish off the work easily. It saves time and work can be finish off quickly.

  • Eco- friendly :-

A paperless software can drastically cuts down paper usage and this in turn creates less demand of paper and reduces business’s dependence on paper. This will save trees from getting cut down. Paper production creates lot of air pollution. So, adoption of paperless software is eco-friendly.


What do you need to go paperless?

Basic requirement to go for paperless apart from a computer is a scanner and document management software [DMS]. For efficient processing, each workstation should be set up with dual monitors. First monitor will display the program you are working on and the other one display the referential documents you require while finishing off your work.


An advice from an IT professional will be helpful in knowing whether the adoption of paperless environment is suitable for your computer system and network. They can also suggest appropriate scanner and software to buy as per your requirement. In addition you must also have a plan on how you will convert your physical document into electronic one.



It is important to sort out the documents to be scanned before scanning, to avoid pile of work. Also be critical about electronic files. Make sure which one you need and keep only those files and delete the rest ones. This procedure has to be adopted monthly or at least quarterly.


At the end backup is very important for every document that has converted into electronic file. It is advisable to back up your file on external drive as well apart from hard drive, so that if anything happens to your computer your data can still stay secure.


Why you should go paperless?

It is quite simple to understand that a paper creates a clutter in the office, which will overall give a sense of disorganisation in the office. Also paper is easily lost or destroyed creating a sense of frustration amongst the employees. By going paperless you don’t have to worry about all these issues as all the data is stored electronically.


A dramatic improvement in the productivity of an organisation is noticed as employees are engaged in more quality work rather than maintaining and looking after paper work.


Companies offering paperless solutions usually also supply the ability to scan and convert files using scanner and OCR technology to make the documents easily searchable.


Sharing a document is simplified and it also eliminates the duplication of files. There is a recognised savings in the amount of paper supplies that normally an organisation consumes resulting in to cost reduction.

A DMS with OCR is an added advantage as it enables to full text search. so you can find a file by its text as well apart from of course its name.


After going for all the advantages of a paperless office we realised how in upcoming times a paperless office is going to be a requirement and not a luxury. All big enterprises and organisations are switching off to this method of storing their documents, which are not only easy to manage but also beneficial costs vice.


So, before all those bulky files becomes too stressful even for your assistant to handle and before those piles of paper start taking toll on your office outlook, please go paperless!! If you need any assistance in migrating to paperless office environment comment below or reach us by clicking here.


Employees working from home on the VPN of the company, find the Microsoft office suite handy. With all the documents, reports, and graphs created electronically, there is hardly a need for paperwork. Right from digital signatures to thumb impressions, all can be sent via the applications of this suite. They can also be verified for authorization. Users can also customize how their personal information can be displayed with the documents.

Users who do not want their personal information to be displayed along with the document can choose the option of “document inspector” and this personal information. The new Microsoft office suite has increased the productivity of employees. They can quickly navigate through menus which are now displayed under ‘insert’ and ‘review’ option. Many contracts are created using Microsoft documents. Digital signatures can be used to sign documents.

Training and development

MS Office training is cost effective. This suite is simple to learn and can make the life of employees easy. With the drop down menu interface replaced with ribbon interface, it is easier to view any options and dialog boxes. All the commands are stored in this format. Microsoft office tools can now be integrated with servers and other programs, expanding the scope of business solutions. After the training program, employees can get better insights into simpatico ways to get the job done. Short cut keys, and many other tips learnt during the training can speed up the process of their work.

New features and benefits

Paperless Office

Microsoft Access is the database management system of MS Office that now lets you import, export and work with XML files. These files contain Meta data used by websites and many other applications in the development process. Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet application with many extended features and a benefit that makes it easier for employees to work on data, analyzes, and executes it. Microsoft Front Page helps create dynamic and static web pages in a short span of time. With a basic skeleton of HTML code already present, the user only has to modify the code, and add snippets of syntax and programs to create websites. More features and functionality can be added to web development with this application. Microsoft InfoPath is an Office application that helps in gathering data of different format.

Other applications and their use

Microsoft OneNote lets you use notes and reuse them on various platforms to make notes, checklists, and jot down pointers. Microsoft Outlook is a communication application that manages emails, and integrates with other programs like calendar, contacts, address book, and holds unlimited capacity for creating email accounts. The limitations of this account per user are set by the administrator. To create presentations in audio visual format, you can use Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation. You can use templates provided by Microsoft that come for free and make an impressive presentation. You can also use premium templates if you like to create an effective presentation. Microsoft Project is helps in organizing business resources and objects together and synchronize it together.

How small businesses are benefited from this suite

When MS Office is used by small businesses, they can export and import the files that are integrated with the other applications of this suite. Whether it is sales, marketing, or any other financial process, can use this suite of applications and bring better results. Instead of developing your own tools, companies can use these applications to create and work on any format of data. Installing a licensed copy of Microsoft Office suite can prove to be a cost effective measure in the long run. Employees can be trained on any application with the help of knowledge base provided by Microsoft.

Free courses online

Once you unlock the Microsoft Office suite, you can take up a course of learning to use these applications at any point of time. Since, the knowledge base is available online all the time, any user can find it easy to self learn to use these applications. Training material is also integrated with every application in the ‘help’ section. Users can explore any application in depth and learn without spending a single penny on these applications.

Convert any files

You can convert an excel sheet to word, convert a word file to a PDF format, and work on different file formats across the applications in this suite. These tailor made applications make it easier to create and print invoices, purchase and sales orders, etc. Every business document that you create looks professional.

Your digital personal secretary

You can use Outlook to schedule meetings, remember appointments, prepare time schedules, and track client relationships through this application. You can manage all kinds of business communication with Outlook. You can share documents using PC, laptop, Smartphone, and work offline. You can also connect these documents to online resources through the browser. Any web application can be integrated with Microsoft Office applications.

Upgrades and maintenance

All of the applications in this suite can be easily upgraded to a higher version. The cost of upgrades depends on the licensing. It is always good to upgrade the applications of this suite, as it gives better working interface, and more features and commands that speed up the work. All those who want to have business solutions need to use this suite to create effective work. You can put the resources of different applications together and use it synonymously to present business data.


There are umpteen benefits for small businesses, individual users, as well as enterprises for using this suite. Though, there are many open source applications that have functions similar to every application of this suite, global users prefer using Microsoft Office Suite. What more, right from text, graphics, technical diagrams, tables, charts, and more types of information can be created using the applications of this suite. This bunch of desktop publishing software is useful for students, employees, home users, as well as corporations. This software bundle helps you stay up to date with the current industry trends.  Now that you are aware of the benefits of going paperless, if you have any further query, our team will be glad to guide you with their expert support. Feel free to write in the comment section below or reach us by clicking here.

New Cloud Services Round The Block – Why Microsoft Azure!

Cloud based applications are in vogue today and why not! Looking at the benefits it provides, anyone would get attracted towards it. Cloud stores all your data on the servers of your internet. Cloud service providers allow the data to run on web browser through internet connection rather than using computer’s hard drive.

Thus cloud base are those application which use the software and pay for it without installing them on a computer. Cloud based application can take your business to the next level without much capital investment. And that is the reason why it has created a buzz in the business world. The benefits it provides are

  • Less cost of ownership
  • Less maintenance
  • Improvised accessibility
  • More scalability
  • Improved collaboration
  • Better data protection

This is the reason why large number of companies prefer to use cloud based applications. One such application is Microsoft Azure.

  • What is Azure?

Azure is a cloud based service provided by Microsoft, which was previously known as windows Azure. It helps the clients to host, develop and manage the web applications online with the help of windows data centre.


Azure can support several languages and can integrate in your environment of your premises easily. Commercially it is sold in 41 countries including U.S.A, Australia, Canada, Uk.


With the use of Azure, developers can store data on servers of Microsoft and can run applications. Such cloud application is useful for both business and customers. There are several benefits attached to the use of Azure. It helps reduce cost and increases productivity and efficiency. Azure supports common languages, standards and protocols and so it is easy to operate.


Another advantage of using Azure is you can give more attention in providing quality services rather than just worrying about technological and operational errors/obstacles. You can make most use of all development tools provided and give faster services to your clients.


Azure is amongst the top ranked platforms for cloud based applications in the entire world. The more you will use Azure, the more you will love it.


  • Why Azure is the most desirable for enterprises?

As per Gartner, Azure is currently the pre-eminent cloud platform for not only platform-as-a-service [PaaS] but also for Infrastructure-as-a-service [IaaS].


Many IT professionals and enterprises are going for Azure, as this is the most powerful cloud platforms with scalability and flexibility. Here are some reasons which make the Azure best cloud application:-

Easily integrates with other Microsoft tools:-

Enterprises which uses Microsoft tools such as Outlook, Office 365, share point, Azure is the best option as it integrates well with Microsoft tools.

Lower costs:-

It lowers the upfront costs by enabling you to pay only for what you use. You only need to pay for the processing time and storage space you need at a given time. The cost of developing, testing and distributing web based application reduces.

Security and reliability:-

The online services team of Microsoft ensures security and maintains the reliable framework and introduces programs and policies to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Simplified data storages:-

Binary data like audios, videos and images can be easily stored by Blobs [Binary large objects]. It can be easily moved in and out of the data storage by using the feature of Import/Export of Azure.

Concentrate on quality work:-

You can easily concentrate on the quality work and do not have to worry about the operational or fundamental errors.

All these benefits can be experienced once you start using Azure in a short while.




  • How it is beneficial is it for a business?


There are a lot of business features Azure provides to a business individual or to an organization. Apart from cloud application following are the features it provides:-


All the frameworks, languages, OS and tools like C+, C++, Java, Windows, Oracle and much more things are supported by Azure.

Assurance of all data security and reliability.

Every workload is handled by Azure. Technical and other consumer services are available 24*7.

All size of files are easily stored and can be easily accessed at anytime and from everywhere.

Compared to the other service providers Azure is friendly and flexible. you only have to pay for the things you need and no additional or unwanted charges.

Azure doesn’t demand any particular environment and adjusts itself in the present environment.

Azure is available in almost all countries and continues to spread its availability in rest of the countries so that more business and organisation can take its benefit.

Azure provides quiet high density for website hosting.


Know it in details


Azure and Microsoft cloud computing system are expected to be utilized by start ups and small businesses, which may have used large and expensive servers on premises.


Costs associated with installation, maintenance is too much to bear and the repairing costs and licensing fees are also expensive. While Azure is online software which you don’t need to install and you have to pay for how much you have used.


Microsoft provides easy accessibility to your data from anywhere with internet connection and Azure is making this new convenience easily available. Globally, Microsoft consultants and programmers are the first choice of the CTOs for developing business solutions and meeting various requirements.


Microsoft consultants and programmers work with their clients as an extension of their team and provide tailor made solutions.


In addition to all these positive points of Azure, it offers cloud based platform for high performance with multiple machines working in parallel, secured and protected identities for every use in the network and controlling access through Azure Active Directory.




Thus at the end we can say there are lot of inventions have been made in the software technology and it has become easy to use and understand. It is a sheer hard work of all professionals that has bloomed in the technological success in the world. Amongst various kind of systems that has came up, one that has not lost its relevance over the course of time is Azure.

To learn how to migrate your business to cloud with Microsoft Azure get in touch with us. Our expert advisors can assist you with effective cloud solutions.

Best Practices For Small Businesses In CRM

The CRM software is a system that allows you to administer clients’ database online. CRM stands for customer relationship management. It is a system that enables you to improve your productivity and increase efficiency. Managing a large customer database can be very laborious. Nevertheless, it can hamper the performance of the frontline staff.

It can act as an obstruction and affect the smooth operations of your business activity. The Microsoft CRM software provides solutions for managing, handling, and maintaining customer database in an efficient and organized manner. It also helps in examining and evaluating the data. In fact, it can also be used for creating reports.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM automates time-consuming, monotonous work; it alerts your staff of impending customer issues so that orders and customer requests can never be forgotten. It can automatically send necessary email messages to your customers and employees.

It informs selected customers for special offers and services with the included marketing automation module, which builds lead and customer lists. It also promotes market campaigns which aim specific consumers, and measures the results of your marketing strategy.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be customized to fit in with your existing business practices so that forms, customer views, and relationship links can be created or modified easily, without the need for complicated programming.

There are numerous advantages of using the CRM software. In a competitive environment where the customer is treated as the king, it is crucial to focus on customer satisfaction. In fact, companies are going a step ahead.

They are focusing on customer pleasure. As such, it is necessary that you upgrade your systems and take up the best practices in the industry. Here are some methods in which you can gain from this system.


  • Marketing: This system can be a marketing tool. You can study the past trends and expect the future prospects by examining the customer database. This will allow you to recognize the needs more effectively and help in planning and arranging. You can also introduce cross-selling of products and spot your regular customers through the reports created by this software. The CRM software helps you to recognize existing customers and extend your business by efficiently marketing your products and services.
  • Bilateral Channel: This software acts as a channel of connection between the company and its customers. It allows better communication online and is a profitable way of managing the customer database. There is no paperwork needed in controlling customer queries, complaints, feedback, etc. In fact, your staff can solve customer queries online and the interplay can be updated in the system.
  • Convenience: Taking out old records or searching customer history has now been made easy with the CRM software. You can follow trends that are as old as a few months ago. Not just that, you can also create reports and study customers’ history for focussing a niche market. You can also plan your future broadcasting strategies with the help of the information available through this system. The information is available at the click of a mouse.
  • Economical : This system helps you to control the business effectively. It raises productivity and saves the profitable time of your staff. Consuming hours would mean that you could use the services of your staff for some other purpose.

There are various kinds of services that you can await from the CRM software. For instance, you can control customer accounts, inventory accounts, etc. This system is beneficial for measuring and checking the performance of your internal staff. It is also advantageous for the data management of external clients as well as of customers.

The CRM software is a useful tool for managing and arranging your customers’ database. It is not only useful for external clients, but also for your internal customers.

Microsoft Dynamics Customer relationship management development is a solution that aims at Sales, Marketing and after sales support. It is the current and most popular Customer Relationship Management System that is designed to suit the need of businesses of every size.

As a matter of fact, market optimization is the key to developing your pipeline in the field of Sales and Marketing. With a strong system in place, organizations can continue their path of growth while assuring maximum profitability. Microsoft Dynamics has allowed businesses to automate many time-consuming elements of marketing and demand generation.

Have a quick look at some of the advantages that Microsoft dynamics can offer to your business:

  • Smooth Assimilation: This platform provides smooth assimilation with other Microsoft tools such as Word, Excel, and Outlook. With such a user-friendly interface, employees get an easy and quick access to data or information they require.
  • Easy Approach of Data: This platform uses Cloud for data storage. Therefore, users can access data anytime and from anywhere using their desktops, laptops or even mobile phones.
  • Better Customer Service: Since, all customer related interaction is stored on the CRM platform, entrepreneurs can enjoy better and upgraded communications with their customers. This, in turn, augments general business efficiency.
  • Improved Sales and Marketing Performance: This platform enables better co-ordination between marketing and sales staff. By giving a clear view of the market, this platform allows them to identify and develop the way they track and manage leads and opportunities.
  • Improved Business Processes: On being properly implemented, this platform offers for improved business processes as it sets up a ‘best practice’ method.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides an important number of advantages to businesses of all sizes. However, entrepreneurs from small and medium enterprises have understood the actual value that this platform provides in managing and growing a business. It is indeed the ease of use and flexibility of this system that helps organizations reduce the cost of sales while productivity. This, in turn, would drive higher profit margins and maximize cash flow for businesses.

The above given methods of benefit will help in the extension of the company.

SharePoint Business Process Automation


SharePoint customization is the best way to collaborate and integrate various tools and software for any ongoing projects. It reduces the risk to independently deal with resources, saving time and money. It speeds up the level of productivity and accuracy in any project. Data can be presented to the users using the intranet as well as the extranet without the need of implementing a separate infrastructure. Training material, sales reports, marketing guidelines, etc and all kinds of documents can be integrated into the system and made available for specific users to view, edit, and modify these documents.

Organize and schedule meetings

Since, you can integrate Microsoft Outlook using the customization of this server; it is easier to schedule meetings across various branches and locations. For instance, if you want to schedule a meeting with employees of other branch of the company which is not in your local area, you can set up this meeting easily using the customization service of the SharePoint server.

Automate processes and workflows easily

All contracts and documents can be virtualized using the automation process. This reduces the paper work and helps collaborate and work with anyone globally. It means that if you recruit employees across the globe, they don’t have to physically come to your office to sign the contracts. Digital signatures and virtual documents provide the required authentication of any process. This automates the process of recruitment in a company. Many other processes with the customers can be automated. Virtual invoices, bills, etc can be generated using this service without disturbing the workflow.

Extension of functionality

Since, most of the collaboration can be tailor made; it extends the functionality of any business process in use. Tools like, dashboard are available with every application that is integrated with SharePoint can help the users process any document with ease. SharePoint has flexible features. Organizations must weigh what features and tools they require before using this server. Retrieval of information from any location, and working remotely is vital to any organization. SharePoint makes it easier to work on any documents and access them even remotely.

How a business can benefit from SharePoint

Collaborating with the team is that easy. It makes the work of working together as a team more efficient. When you purchase SharePoint, you can also hire SharePoint developers who can work on business solution with regard to this server. With the help of communication tools, such as, newsfeeds and follow buttons, companies can share the news or any instruction about the ongoing processes. It also helps creating social communities and magazines within the company. It majorly reduces the workload by automating all the business processes. The workflow can be tracked by the managers by keeping a check on reports and other activities related to the project. Various processes can be streamlined by unified various processes on a single platform.

Virtual workspaces

Businesses can create virtual and dynamic workspaces for their employees on the fly. Assigning resources and a system to a new employees only takes a few hours. These developers can design a solution for every process of the organization that works towards their advantage. The accuracy of the reports generated can help managers analyze the productivity of their teams.

Create SharePoint awareness within the company

Once you have a list of intranet and extranet users, you can allocate resources accordingly. When you have a list of all the processes in place across all the departments, there will be no redundancies or duplication of data or solutions. You can create workshops and training material for the employees within the company. Create the concept of the mechanism of every process and sell its awareness across various departments in the company.  You can also create a small pilot project that gives a hands on experiences to the users within the company. Learning about the benefits and reduction of the cost of money and resources can help generate enthusiasm amongst users to inculcate these solutions.

Users who can be included

When you create these solutions, you can work with content contributors, editors, authors, from various geographical locations as possible. You don’t have to depend on your local location alone to find the best of these people. You can develop all types of content that is relevant to the processes of the business. Keep this process as simpatico as process. Elaborating any of these processes can only complicate it and make users lose interest in implementing these solutions. It is important to keep the users who use these solutions happy. This keeps the enthusiasm high to implement its powerful capabilities.

Self service platform

The best thing about implementing a SharePoint server is that, it makes every user independent and a self learner. You don’t need a system administrator to implement every solution with regard to access and support for a given project. Users can independently contribute and use these solutions that best suits their projects. This is to say that an administrator does not interfere in their projects. No tickets have to be raised when a new resources or access to a tool is needed. The content of the company can be kept up-to-date. It is useful for working collaboratively with web applications and a complex work structure, efficiently. This is a platform that needs marketing within the company so users understand the scope of its use. Even stakeholders can be included in the planning and development, as they too can understand how cost effective these solutions are. Nevertheless, this also reduces the burden of the IT department who are thrust with administrative issues of the technical part of the company’s processes.

For businesses of all size, SharePoint will prove to be useful and cost effective. You can leverage the use of these solutions and leapfrog the growth of your company. It helps to keep centralized information that can be accessed for all kinds of documents of the company. Modules can be added and deleted as per the use of the business process. It is an out of the box option to create a better electronic communication. To learn more how SharePoint Business Process Automation can help you grow your company, comment below contact our expert advisers by clicking here.